Welcome to GHPP

Dear Visitors,

You have chosen to trust us with your health, and we are very happy to welcoming you in our facility : “Le Groupement Hospitalier des Portes de Provence (GHPP)”, part of the French Public Healthcare Network
This booklet has been specially designed for your benefit, gathering all needed information, connected to each step of your journey.

All GHPP’s personal is at your disposal, to professionally and rigorously take care of all your needs. They will commit to providing you with the needed cares related to your health-state
The main strength of GHPP lays in the Team’s commitment to availability, listening and excellence in service & cares.

We may put the emphasis on the adaptability of the GHPP to its surrounding environment and its specific local needs in terms of healthcare.

GHPP sets its user-people as being central in its thoughts and projects.

GHPP is committed to a never-ending gait of improvement and quality, and focusses on your notes & remarks to improve.

In order to address your remarks efficiently, you will find at the end of this booklet a survey to fill-in. You may also address your remarks through an On-Line Survey that you’ll receive when you are out through a national survey platform.

Finally, GHPP is the supporting-establishment to the Groupement Hospitalier SUD DROME ARDECHE which gathers 11 Public-Healthcare Establishments on the so-called geographic zone.

We wish you a stay as short as possible.